Before you apply, you should know these things:

We consider applications for the following kinds of presentations:

  • Posters - we accept posters in 24x36 or 36x48 (landscape or portrait), and 48x60 (landscape). These are common sizes for professional conferences and sized to fit our display stands. Each presenter will have one print free of charge in the Digital Learning Studio.For more information about post printing click here. Plan to spend at least one hour at MIM with your work.

  •  Exhibits -

  • Demonstrations - Artists in all media are encouraged to show their work at MiM, and all faculty and students are encouraged to think broadly about the kinds of work they can present. Cases, pedestals, tables, and wall space are all available to show student work. Plan to spend at least one hour at MIM with your work.

  • Performances - Spoken word, dramatic, and musical performances are all encouraged. MiM can provide performance space, a piano, and amplification upon request. Students who are performing may be given more time if they communicate with the MiM committee.

  • Panel -

  • Presentations - Each presenter will generally have 15 minutes to present and take questions from the audience. We ask that presenters attend the entire session as a professional courtesy. There are three kinds of oral presentations:

    • Individual Presentations - these can be either a single student presenting on their own or a group of students presenting a series of papers on a single theme or subject.

    • Roundtables - A group of students presenting or discussing issues around a single topic with each other.

    • Panels - A group of students presenting and discussing issues around a single topic with the audience.

 We understand that these formats may not be the best for all disciplines, so we try to be as accommodating as possible. For example, for education majors who are designing curricula, lesson plans, or doing action research, we are happy to work with you to figure out how best to present your work. If you have questions, please feel free to call René Muñoz at 717-871-4457 or email