The audience you will have at Made in Millersville is there to see your art (whether 3D, 2D, or performance) and speak to you. They want to know about what you have made, why you have made it and why it might be important. For you, this is an opportunity to network and to practice your public speaking skills so that you can convey who you are and what your art is about, increase the understanding of your art, maybe cultivate a fan bases, and ultimately advance your career. Even a brief conversation can deepen your audience’s experience of your art, and maximize your art’s impact.

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What to Show

When picking pieces to exhibit, select the work that best represents you as an artist.  The pieces chosen should best demonstrate your artistic skills and technical abilities along with your imagination and creativity.  Consider not only the pieces themselves, but also the presentation, and how can these pieces be best displayed in the intended space.  What resources are available at the site and what you will need to provide may effect the choices you make when selecting the work. 

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What to Say

Even the most gifted artist can feel anxious about having to give a talk - to say what it is, why they did it, and why it matters to an audience. Distilling the abstract ideas and technical aspects that go into your art into concrete, meaningful, and accessible language will help your audience appreciate what you have created and help create a conversation between you and your audience.

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Be Prepared

Scientists do research and present the results to sell their ideas and find collaborators. As an artist, your goals may not be that different. Exhibiting your work at Made in Millersville is an opportunity to create an audience - to find people interested in the work you are doing and who may want purchase or commission pieces from you in the future. If someone expresses interest in your work, it may be a good idea for you to have cards with your contact information and link to an online portfolio where they can see more of what you have made.