What is Made in Millersville?

Made in Millersville is an annual showcase which highlights the scholarly and creative work of Millersville students.

When is Made in Millersville?

MiM takes place annually in the spring semester, typically in the middle of April. The date for this year’s conference is Tuesday, April 17th, 2018, from 8AM to 5PM.

Where is Made in Millersville?

The presentations and projects will be on the first floor and third floors of McNairy Library and Learning Forum. For more information, visit the Directions.

WHY should I present at Made in Millersville?

Presenting at Made in Millersville develop your resume, practice your public speaking skills, and showcase your work to fellow students, faculty, administrators, University friends and alumni, and potential employers. All of these things will make you a better student help open future opportunities.

why should I attend Made in Millersville?

By attending Made in Millersville you will see what other students have accomplished, have the chance to be inspired,  and exchange ideas ideas outside of the classroom. Attendees may receive extra credit from their professors for participating in the day’s events and will definitely leave with a better idea of what they can make at Millersville.

Are classes in session on the day of Made in Millersville?

Classes will follow their normal schedule on the day of Made in Millersville. However, your professor may decide to bring your class to the library or award extra credit points for attending Made in Millersville sessions.

How many people usually attend Made in Millersville?

Last year, Made in Millersville attracted over 400 presenters and hundreds of attendees! We expect Made in Millersville 2018 to be even larger. 

Where should I park for Made in Millersville if I am not an MU student or employee?

Parking will be available in the lot immediately behind the library or in the Boyer lot. For more information, visit the Directions page.

What kind of projects will be at Made in Millersville?

 Made in Millersville is not specific to any one discipline – if you have work you want to submit, we’d love to see it. If you have any specific questions about submitting your project to Made in Millersville, please contact us at madeinmillersville@millersville.edu.