How can I get extra credit for attending ?

Extra credit is offered by faculty. Please speak with your professor to see if they are offering it.

I am attending with my class, am I free to get the complimentary lunch ?

No, but please join us after 4PM for our ice cream social hour.

I am encouraging my class to attend, where is an extra-credit form I can use ?

Here is extra credit form we have created. You can make adjustments for your classes. Please distribute before the conference as we will not have any printed copies.

Where and when can I view my student who is presenting ?

The schedule can be found under "Presentation Schedule" on our website.

What time can I drop off my poster ?

drop off Friday, any hours the library was open on Sunday, hours on Monday 9AM-4PM. You may drop off your poster on Friday, April 13, any open library hours on Sunday, April 15, and between 9AM-4PM on Monday, April 16.

How long will I have to stay with my poster and how long will I speak ?

To preserve the professional atmosphere, you should plan to stay with your poster for the entire session. Reviewers and others in attendance are traveling throughout the session.

What should I wear to present ?

We strive to make MIM as much as a profesional experience as possible. For this reason, we encourage you to dress professionally

Can my parents come ?

Yes, we will have postcards available at the end of February in both snail mail and electronic formats for you to distribute to friends and family to attend the event.

How early should I arrive before I am scheduled to present ?

Registration will open at 8AM. You should arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled presentation time

When do I pick up my poster after conference is done ?

You may pick up your poster after 5PM on April 17th.

Will there be potential employers ?

While we cannot guarantee that everyone will be a potential employer, you should treat everyone you talk to as a potential employer. It is possible your interactions could potentially be with future employers

Can I leave the room once my oral presentation is done ?

To preserve the professional atmosphere, please do not leave the session before it ends. It is possible that reviewers or audience members will have questions or comments for discussion with the presenters at the end of the session.

Is there a way to have my work published ?

Yes. Click here to learn more.

Must I have a faculty sponsor to apply ?

Yes, all students are required to have a faculty sponsor. If you are unsure of who to ask, we suggest that you ask your academic advisor to be your sponsor.

Are there workshops offered on how to present ?

Yes, click [here to go to our workshop schedule.

How will I get the parking pass ?

Laura Temple will be mailing parking passes in March using the address you gave in your application. If this is not an appropriate address, please email madeinmillersville@millersville.edu to change the address.

Is there accessible parking available for indivuals with disabilities ?

Yes, its available in the two parking lots behind the library.

Will I be matched with my preferred topics to review ?

We do our best to match people with the topics they express with preferred disciplines; however, we cannot guarantee you will be reviewing your preferences.

Will there be vegetarian options at the luncheon ?

Yes, there will be vegetarian options provided; however, there will not be gluten-free or vegan options.


Have a question you don't see here? Please email us at madeinmillersville@millersville.edu