TEACH your students
Attending Made in Millersville can be a great way to expand your classroom and encourage engagement. consider taking an hour on April 17 to send a class to Made in Millersville and using it as a learning opportunity, perhaps have them reflect on the connections between course content and their peers' scholarly and creative work. You can use the extra-credit form to structure their time at Made in Millersville.

INSPIRE your students
For 1st and 2nd year students, Made in Millersville is a perfect place for them to see what academic opportunities Millersville offers. Every major is represented and the students presenting are there to talk about their work - what it is, why it matters, and how they got started. If you are hoping to inspire your students, send them Made in Millersville.

SUPPORT your students
If your students are presenting, your presence will make Made in Millersville a more positive experience for them - it's a pat in the back and, if you bring a class, it gives your student a chance to talk about their work, inspire their peers, and creates a learning opportunity.

Made in Millersville supports faculty and student engagement by offering a modifiable extra-credit form that faculty can distribute to their students to help structure their attendance at Made in MIllersville and make it a worthwhile learning opportunity.


Made in Millersville makes the things students learn in the classroom come alive. Listening to students share their scholarly experiences and their creative “aha moments” is a pure joy. It is the magic that happens at a university, unfolded in a one day event.
— Dr. Stacy Irwin, Professor, Communication and Theatre

Made in Millersville is a great way to get your research out there and give other students an idea of what kind of things are going on around campus..archaeology is a passion of mine, so being able to present on the work I did for 2 years in the field school was exciting and made me feel proud of what I do. I’m so glad that I took the opportunity to be part of Made in Millersville ....Made in Millersville really made me feel like what I do matters and others want to hear about the research done around campus.
— Jessica Conway '17, Sociology/Anthropology