A poster has three purposes:

1) to illustrate your explanation when you are there,
2) to explain your work when you are not there, and
3) to make people interested in what you are doing.

This is a balancing act - when you are there, your poster should play a supporting role in your presentation, while at the same time it needs to be complete enough to so that people can learn about your project when they walk by even if you are not there. The links below will help you with this balancing act. 


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The best way to approach poster design is to see examples of good posters, and use templates. A good template will be eye-catching, appropriate to the subject, and attention getting. Remember a poster illustrates your explanation and make people interested in what you are doing. For assistance with poster design, visit Digital Learning Studio.

Templates customized for Made in Millersville can be found HERE. The conference poster panels best accommodate poster sizes : 24x36 or 36x48 (landscape or portrait).

Templates for scientific poster can be found on Google or Genigraphics.

Finally, here are some guidelines for poster design and poster samples:


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Presenting a poster at a conference for the first time can be intimidating. Your audience might be just one person who can interrupt and ask potentially tough questions about your project. However, it is a great way to present your work as a conversation with an audience that wants to talk to you and wants to know about your work.

To make presenting a poster less intimidating, follow these links for guidance on preparing for your poster presentation:

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If you are a student in the College of Science and Technology, you may print posters in the Dean's office. Poster printing instructions can be found here.

If you are a student in the College of Education and Human Services or the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, you may use the Digital Learning Studio to print your poster.

Students presenting posters get one free print. The conference organizers provide poster backing to attach each poster to a poster stand. Consider printing your posters a few days prior to the conference day so your poster could be mounted and displayed on time.