Have you ever had yo get up in front of an audience….


Preparing your Talk

One of the real advantages of Made in Millersville is that you will have the chance to present your work - whether its research, a service project, or a creative work to a very general and very interested audience. A key successfully presenting to this audience is to know who to make your talk appealing to a broad audience. Millerville’s Dr. Justin Mando created a short video and handout explaining how to do it. More tips for successful presentations can be found here and here.


Preparing your slides

Good presentation often have strong visual content, usually in the form if a powerpoint or other kind of slide show. It is important to remember that the purpose of the visual aids is to illustrate your points graphically through the use of charts, photos, drawings, etc. Text is fine so long as it’s bullets outlining your main points. There are several sites to help you create compelling slide shows, while this page has 10 tips for creating better slides.


BE Relaxed

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