Have you ever had to get up in front of an audience….

Preparing your Talk

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One of the real advantages of Made in Millersville is that you will have the opportunity to present your work - whether it’s research, a service project, or a creative work to a general audience. A key to a such successful presentation is to know how to appeal to a broad audience. Watch this short video by Dr. Justin Mando’s and review this handout for information on adapting your presentation to a general audience.

More tips? Check out the links below:

Preparing your slides

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Presenting Your Talk

Engaging presentation often have strong visual content, usually in the form of a PowerPoint or other kind of slide show. It is important to remember that the purpose of the visual aids is to illustrate your points graphically through the use of charts, photos, drawings, etc. Use text to emphasize your main points, not make them for you. Remember, you want your audience’s attention to be on you and on what you are saying. Would you like to create your presentation similar to a TedTalk? Review the TED’s in-house expert’s tips on how to make slides that communicate your ideas. Follow this link for an exhaustive list of power-point do’s and don’ts. Finally,

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Your number one task as a speaker is to transfer into your listeners mind an extraordinary gift — a strange an beautiful object that we call an idea”. This quote, from a short video about preparing a good talk, gives a sense of what we hope your presentation at Made in Millersville will do. Watch the video linked above (or these videos ) and follow the steps below to make sure your talk has an impact.

To help you prepare for Made in Millersville presentations, sign up for a workshop on April 10, 2019 at 4 p.m. in McNairy 104.