Google Slides

Easily design presentations using Google’s cloud-based version of PowerPoint. Available online or as an Android/iPhone app. Slides are downloadable as PDFs, PPTs, and several other files types. Includes collaborative editing abilities.

Haiku Deck

Create attractive and effective slides using high-quality Creative Commons photos. Haiku Deck includes an automatic text-size feature to encourage minimal text. Available as a web app or an iPad/iPhone app.


Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software which features an “infinite canvas” that allows users to zoom in and out of details rather than create separate slides. Presentations must be created online but can be downloaded when finished for offline viewing. Includes collaborative editing abilities.

Zoho Show

Similar to Google Slides, Zoho Show is a cloud-based tool that allows for collaborative editing and downloading of slides in multiple formats (PDF, PPT, etc.).