Presenter Resources

If you have never presented at a conference, the idea of standing up front of an audience and talking about your work can seem overwhelming - giving a poster, a presentation, or exhibiting your art may not be something you have done before. Don’t panic, it’s not as overwhelming as it might seem and there is lots of help available. Watch what to expect at Made in Millersville video and use links below to help you prepare your conference presentation.


Posters are the most common presentation type at Made in Millersville and are given by students from all disciplines. Posters offer an opportunity for presenters to talk about their work in a way that suits their audience, and the audience has the flexibility to browse the research that interests them most.

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In many disciplines, presentations are the standard for conferences. An oral presentation provides you an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and give more detail than might be possible in a poster. Most presentations at Made in Millersville are limited to 15 minutes.



For artists and performers, Made in Millersville provides an opportunity to show your work in a way that may be unusual in other venues. Exhibits and performances are always the some of most popular presentations at MiM and you can expect a good audience for your work.

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