why you should ATTEND

EXPLORE other disciplines
There is an amazing variety of work being done by MU students. Take an hour (or two) on April 17 to explore other disciplines and engage with other students. You will not only be surprised by the amount of great work, you will come away with new perspectives about things you knew, and will be blown away by the things you learned.

EXPERIENCE what Millersville has to offer
If you are a 1st or 2nd year student wondering about the kinds of academic opportunities the University offers, Made in Millersville is the perfect place to find out. Every major is represented at Made in Millersville and the students presenting are there to talk about their work - what it is, why it matters, and how they got started.

SUPPORT your peers
For your friends, classmates, and peers who are presenting, your presence will make Made in Millersville a more positive experience - it's a pat on the back, gives  them a chance to talk about their work in new ways, and can lead them to ask new questions. For you, attending Made in Millersville may inspire you take on a creative or scholarly project of your own, or motivate you to present in the future.

If you are interested in what previous years were like click here to see the MiM Journal or here to see photos.

“This was the first time I participated in an event like this. I felt proud to present my hard work. It’s a great way to connect with others about your passion. We spend so much time on our projects it’s great to see them on display!
— Erica Lehman '18, MS Nursing

Made in Millersville displays the wide range of high-level work of which the students at Millersville are capable.
— Erin Jones '18, BS

Seeing students feel the pressure of presenting and rise up to the challenge is really inspiring.
— Dr. Caleb Corkery, professor, English