Three REASONS for Staff

Made in Millersville is an inclusive, multidisciplinary and learner-centered annual conference celebrating student achievements in scholarly and creative projects including community engagement through internships and service activities.

EXPERIENCE Made in Millersville
Join us to experience an amazing variety of student projects. Students give talks, recite poetry, exhibit art, display posters and perform in a way best suited to show-off their work. Spending some time at the conference is a great opportunity for your own professional development. Stop by and you may take away some new insights or ideas from the conference! To get a general idea about the conference, browse About MIM and check out photos from the previous conferences.

SUPPORT Millersville Students
You may choose to informally engage with students by asking about their projects. Or you may consider contributing to students’ professional development in a more formal manner. By registering as a reviewer, you will help students hone their presentation skills and translate their works to appeal to a general audience. For more information go to For Reviewers.

VOLUNTEER for Made in Millersville
We are always looking for new insights and new partnerships to create a robust professional conference experience for students. Consider volunteering your time (an hour or two) to help us either with planning an annual conference or with the logistics of running it.