Whether you’re presenting at Made in Millersville or simply attending, there are plenty of reasons to be involved in the largest celebration of student work on campus.

See the creative and scholarly works of other students.
Made in Millersville is open to every project, from innovative research in science and engineering to live music and original art. Not only will you get to share your own work, you’ll also be able to see other amazing projects from disciplines all over campus.


Exchange ideas across disciplines
Are you an art student interested in technology, or a math major fascinated by ancient history? By attending Made in Millersville, you will have the opportunity to interact with students and faculty from other departments. Sharing ideas with your peers could shape your next project and inspire you to present at MiM next year

Gain experience participating in a professional conference.
If you’re ready to present your work to a larger audience, Made in Millersville is a great place to start! Because the conference is designed to mimic professional research conferences, presenting at MiM will allow you to gain skills and experience that will help prepare you for your future projects. Even if you’re not presenting, attending MiM can help you get comfortable with a professional conference setting before you put yourself in the spotlight..

Jumpstart your professional network.
You won’t be students forever! Whether or not you’ll be presenting at Made in Millersville, attending the conference can help you make connections with other researchers at every level of their careers and find contacts who can inspire you now and in the future.

Win Prizes!
Whether you’re planning to present or attend, you can enter to win a variety of prizes at Made in Millersville. In previous years, our prizes for attendees have included stress balls, MiM t-shirts, and other Millersville University merchandise.