CONNECT with other disciplines
Students from every department participate in Made in Millersville. Whether you are presenting or attending, you’ll also be able to see amazing projects from every major on campus. Sharing ideas with peers can help you make connections across campus, learn more about research happening in different disciplines, or even inspire your next project!

DEVELOP presentation skills
Whether you are giving a presentation, explaining your poster, or describing your art, you will learn how to speak professionally and confidently about your work to audiences with a wide range of education and expertise. 

PUBLISH in the Made in Millersville Journal
Like presenting, publishing your presented work in the Made in Millersville conference journal helps build your resumé or curriculum vitae and demonstrates to future employers or graduate schools that you have been an involved, active, and accomplished student.


Made in Millersville makes the things students learn in the classroom come alive. Listening to students share their scholarly experiences and their creative ‘aha moments’ is a pure joy. It is the magic that happens at a university, unfolded in a one day event.
— Dr. Stacey Irwin, Communication & Theatre faculty

Beyond being an excellent professional opportunity, I was able to speak with other students, faculty, and community members and gather feedback I would not have been able to have obtained in any other place.
— Brett Morgan, '17 BFA in Art