Publishing with the Made in Millersville Journal will benefit you in numerous ways! The Made in Millersville Journal acts as an continuation from the Made in Millersville conference.

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Publishing with the Made in Millersville Journal will look excellent on your résumé! You will impress future employers with a published writing sample.

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Have the chance to be featured on the journal’s many social media platforms! Retweet our Twitter post about your journal article. Share the post on your social media channels. Let your family and friends see the amazing effort you have put into your journal article throughout the semester.

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Improve your scholarly writing skills by working in a individualized setting with your editor. Learn how to consolidate your research into an effective and accessible summary that accurately follows the Journal’s guidelines. Experience an authentic publishing process. Working with the Made in Millersville Journal will offer you the unique, valuable experience of engaging in close collaboration with editors who provide personalized assistance, creating an environment that mirrors publication processes beyond the undergraduate level.