FAQs for Reviewers

What is the Reviewer’s Role?
Students at the Made in Millersville Conference present creative and scholarly projects that are geared toward a general audience.  This may be their first time presenting at an organized conference, so they are likely nervous but also excited to share their work.  Your role is to provide helpful, constructive feedback to them in a positive way so that they can learn and grow from the experience. 

Who Should Review?
Anybody can be a reviewer!

Why Should I Review?

  • It’s fun and exciting to be able to take an active role in mentoring students, many of whom are presenting to a public audience for the first time!  

  • You would be supporting our students because you can provide them with useful feedback that can allow students to gain new perspectives, lead them to ask new questions, and help them become more professional and polished presenters.

  • You can meet new people:  students, faculty, staff, and community members.

  • You can learn from the presentations:  students present interesting and creative projects about many different subjects.

  • You can experience the University by visiting the campus, finding out how the University is growing, and seeing what students are doing.

  • You receive a free lunch and a complimentary Made in Millersville t-shirt on the day of the Conference!

When/Where Do I Review?  

Before the Conference:

  • Register to become a reviewer

  • Check your email to find out which session you will review based on your preferences.

 On the day of the Conference

  • Park in the Made in Millersville parking area on Ann Street and Shenks Lane.

  • Walk into the library and check in at the Registration desk.

  • Pick up your packet that contains instructions and the reviewer form.

  • Attend the session and fill out the reviewer form.

  • Drop off the completed reviewer form at the Registration desk before you leave.

After the Conference
Sign up to review for next year!

How Do I Review?
You complete a one-page review form, providing feedback in three main areas:  Content (what was presented), Delivery (how it was presented), and Audience Engagement (whether students engaged the audience). 

Best practices:  

  1. Put yourself in the shoes of the student

  2. Write comments in a positive way

  3. Be as specific as possible

When I applied to be a reviewer for Made in Millersville 2017, I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I arrived at the venue, I was amazed with the number and quality of displays. I had been asked to help review some of the nursing presentations so I was very excited. However, there was a change in plans and I was assigned to judge some other categories as well, which turned out to be great! The presenters educated me about their topics by giving me simple and detailed explanations. I learned so much that day. I was also very impressed by the students’ professionalism, their communication techniques, and the creativity of their projects. I think Made in Millersville is such an awesome way to showcase the students’ works and accomplishments. I was very honored to be part of the festivities.
— Robin Reese-Poust, RN

My independent study was the highlight of my senior year, and getting to present at Made In Millersville was not only rewarding, but it provided the foundation of vital presentation and communication skills that will be necessary as I continue my education in the field of Biology.
— Amy-Charlotte Devitz '17 BS in Biology