Why  Review: 3 REASONS

SUPPORT our students
For students who are presenting, your presence will make Made in Millersville a more positive experience - it's a pat on the back, and will give them a chance to talk about their work to an interested and educated audience. As a reviewer, the interaction and feedback you give will provide our students with new perspectives on their work, or lead them to to ask new questions, and will help them become more professional and polished presenters. Please see the reviewer form for more details.

EXPERIENCE what Millersville has to offer
If you are an alum or friend of the University and haven't been on campus in a while, or even if you are a frequent visitor, Made in Millersville is the perfect place to find out how the University is growing and what our students are doing. Every major is represented and the students presenting are there to talk about their work -- what it is, why it matters, and where it's taking them.

LEARN new things
There is an amazing variety of creative and scholarly work being done by MU students. Take time on April 16 to explore what our students are doing and engage with them through questions and conversation. You will not only be surprised by the amount of great work MU students are doing and the passion they have for their projects, but you will also come away with new perspectives on the things you knew, and will be amazed by the things you learned.

When I applied to be a reviewer for Made in Millersville 2017, I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I arrived at the venue, I was amazed with the number and quality of displays. I had been asked to help review some of the nursing presentations so I was very excited. However, there was a change in plans and I was assigned to judge some other categories as well, which turned out to be great! The presenters educated me about their topics by giving me simple and detailed explanations. I learned so much that day. I was also very impressed by the students’ professionalism, their communication techniques, and the creativity of their projects. I think Made in Millersville is such an awesome way to showcase the students’ works and accomplishments. I was very honored to be part of the festivities.
— Robin Reese-Poust, RN

My independent study was the highlight of my senior year, and getting to present at Made In Millersville was not only rewarding, but it provided the foundation of vital presentation and communication skills that will be necessary as I continue my education in the field of Biology.
— Amy-Charlotte Devitz '17 BS in Biology